Web Design Trends 2022

The success of any website depends on the quality of the design. Therefore, it is very important to follow the web design trends, to understand which tools have become fashionable in the field of website building, and which are already considered obsolete and left behind.
If you follow the web design trends, your target audience will appreciate it, converting from a visitor into a regular customer. And NOC media will be happy to help you with this. In this article, we will tell you which web design trends in 2022 are becoming relevant.


With the help of a visually designed story that is told to the visitor, you can keep his attention for a long time, motivating him to take further actions: visit your site, and learn more about your company, your products, or services.
Storytelling can be in the form of a video or GIF animation, or it can be divided into blocks and placed along the entire length of the page. This is especially handy if it’s a long homepage or landing page.

More space

A large white space visually enlarges the screen and does not allow the user to lose concentration.
In addition, this color can be combined with all colors, so you can choose absolutely any shades as accents or design ideas. And they will look amazing.

Studio minimalist photos

Try to replace bright and multi-element photos on your site with high-quality images that show only one element that reflects the idea and concept of the company.
This will focus the attention of the visitor and will not allow him to be distracted.

Flashy colors

Attractive colors convey emotions, and emotions are the most important thing for the users.
At the sight of juicy and flashy colors, correctly matched to each other, your target audience will appreciate your courage by staying on the site and continue using it.

Non-standard arrangement of blocks

Try to structure the information using the broken grid method, randomly placing blocks throughout the page. This decision creates a new stage in terms of aesthetics.

Full-screen video

Background videos make the site design look unusual and modern, which increases visitor engagement and leads the project to greater efficiency.

Geometric shapes and patterns

Mixing different geometric shapes can give great results. The right selection of patterns and shapes will help create a coherent and attractive composition, which is highly appreciated by web users.
And, although 2D technology is gradually losing ground, giving way to 3D, such techniques can significantly refresh the design concept, making it modern and very interesting.

Is your website ready for 2022?

Outdated website design of a site can significantly reduce its conversion.
A lot of heavy elements, their chaotic arrangement on the page, and color mismatch between themselves distract the visitor from the conversion goal and reduce the efficiency of your business.
We recommend redesigning the site, using fashion trends that will be relevant this year.
Well, if you don’t have a website yet and you are just planning to get one, you can hire NOC media which is a web development agency and will help you get into the trend and thus get a constant stream of targeted traffic.