Top SEO trends for 2022/2023

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so you need to regularly monitor SEO optimization trends and features that will help you outperform your competitors in search results and thus drive more traffic to your website.

Site Optimization

Check the optimization of your website for different devices, diagonals, and verticals. The pages should display correctly on any gadget (mobile, desktop, and PC).


Using the HTTP/2 protocol significantly increases the site loading speed, and reduces the load on the server, which greatly affects the factors that search engines take into account when ranking.

Link Mass

Link building is the most important SEO tool. When building a link profile, be sure to use quality links. The higher the weight of the entire site, the higher the quality of the link will be.
When calculating the quality index, the size of the site’s audience, the degree of user satisfaction, the level of trust in the site by users, and other criteria are taken into account.
And of course, the resource on which you place the link should be relevant to your website.

Voice Search

Statistics from Google show that the share of voice queries in mobile search is steadily growing.
SEO experts call voice search a real seismic shift in website optimization – adapting to this will give you a tangible advantage over competitors in your niche.

Unique Content + EAT Approach

EAT is an abbreviation of the three main principles for assessing the quality of website content: Expertise, Authority, and Trust (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).
Algorithms now evaluate the expertise of the authors – how much he is an expert in a particular field, authority – the influence based on status, as well as the reliability of the information offered.

Use Yandex Turbo Pages

They load 15-20 times faster, and, of course, are well indexed by Yandex.
It is unlikely that this tool will replace the official website, but it can be a good solution for testing various hypotheses.
For example, to show certain offers to different audience segments. For each segment, you can create a separate Turbo site with an adapted advertising offer.


Implementing all the SEO trends of 2022 on your website will improve your website’s rankings in search engines.
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