Google helpful content update

With the Google helpful Content Update announced by Google as of August 2022, it is predicted that the rankings in search results may change significantly.
So, what does Google intend with this update? Start reading our article now to find out the details!

Google helpful content update – Details about new ranking factor

The main purpose of the Google helpful content update is to highlight the content that will provide users with the right information and benefit instead of the content written to rank in the search results.

Google stated that this update will not only be a page-based evaluation, but also a ranking criterion to be used for the entire site.
In other words, if useless content is presented on the pages throughout the site, the entire site may be adversely affected after this algorithm change.
In this case, even if there are pages on the site that offer useful content, it seems likely that there will be a loss of ranking throughout the site due to pages containing useless content.
It may take several months for sites affected by this update to recover again.

The helpful content update, which initially only covers content published in English, is expected to be rolled out to many languages in the near future. Google also announced that this update will be one of the metrics it uses to rank web pages directly. Google stated that duplicate or worthless content will be affected negatively in the search results, especially in the fields of education, art, entertainment, shopping, and technology. The effects of the algorithm update are expected to be
observed first in these areas, as the use of worthless and copied content written to gain rankings by search engines rather than providing information in these areas is quite common.

As mentioned in Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines:

Every page on the Internet has been created for a purpose. While some pages offer useful content to people, some pages do not benefit at all, on the contrary, they harm. The first step in evaluating a page is to make sense of its purpose.
With the Helpful Content update released by Google, it seems that the intent of the pages can be defined more transparently.
In other words, the purposes of the websites will be clearer and the rankings of the sites that really benefit will improve.